Hey there, die-hard friends and blog followers! I want you to know that I appreciate your love and encouragement these past few (very hard) years. I have taken an amazing suggestion from a very wise man (my “E”) and decided to do something a little different on this blog for a short time. For those of you that braved my first book (bless your hearts!), you know it lacked in many areas and I admit that. Oh come on now, let’s be honest and call a spade a spade. Regardless, it is my intent to re-write the book, using the same storyline that many of you said had merit. So…what I’m proposing to do for a short time on this blog is to revise “Emily’s”, page by page and share it with you here.

Let’s get started. Oh, and I would really welcome your comments and criticisms – it’s okay, I’m a big girl!


CHAPTER ONE: The Dreamer

The river moved swiftly past Emily as she sat on a big rock at the edge. She took off her shoes and slowly dipped her toes in the icy ripples of the Big Thompson River. She caught her breath and quickly jerked both feet out as the cold sent a shiver up her back. Gracious! I’m not so sure a soak in the river is what I needed after all! The Big Thompson ran through one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in all of Colorado the Big Thompson Canyon and Emily loved to walk the mile or so down to the river to think. In fact, it was where she did her best thinking. Everyone else called it dreaming but, to Emily Rose MacGregor, it was just thinking; thinking about how she wished her life could be. There was little else that could sweep her away, even for a short time, from the life she and her family lived in the small community of Loveland in the rugged Colorado mountains.

She had come down to the river to think about the dance. It was still a month away and she had plenty of time to sew a new dress but it wasn’t the dress Emily was really thinking about. Living in a place like Loveland for all of her eighteen years, she dearly loved her life and was thankful enough for it but she longed for a life like the heroines had that she read about in the books she bought at the Mercantile. They were beautiful and had exciting adventures with handsome heroes that swept them off their feet and they always lived happily ever after. Emily wanted that too but she was certain excitement and adventure would never find her in Loveland. She had never considered herself pretty but she was. Her fair skin did not show the fact that she spent every waking minute she could outside in the clean Colorado air, except for the occasional freckle on the bridge of her nose. Her long reddish-brown hair was wavy when it hung loose but most days it was pulled back into a long braid that hung down her back to her waist. Petite, like her mother, Father said she was a wonderful mixture of “princess and tomboy with just a touch of Irish fire”.

That Irish fire was what made her determined to find him – the RIGHT one, the ONE God intended for her and her only – her knight in shining armor. Hard to find a knight  when you don’t live anywhere near a castle! She chuckled as she put her shoes back on. She pulled her knees up to her chest as she remembered what Father always told her. “Don’t try so hard, Em honey. Love will find you in God’s timing. Just keep praying and be patient.”

She jumped off the rock and found a thick patch of grass under one of the giant sycamore trees a few feet away from the water’s edge. She layed on her back, looking up at the sky, blue as a robin’s egg and whispered the same prayer she’d prayed almost every day for more than a year now. “Thank You for this day, Lord. Thank You for all You have seen fit to give us. I don’t want You to think I’m not grateful but…” She closed her eyes. “Could You send him soon?” She paused. “He’s just got to be coming soon, doesn’t he?” She waited, eyes closed, as if she might hear an answer to her questions but none came. The only sounds she heard were the mocking birds singing to each other in the tree tops and the rushing of the river as it flowed on its way through the canyon. After an hour or so, Emily got up and headed back to the cabin. It was getting into the evening and she would need to get dinner started before Father got home from the mill.

Donovan MacGregor and his brother, Ian, owned the only saw mill in town. As young men, they had immigrated from Ireland with their life savings, set to purchase some land and begin their own logging business. She loved her uncle’s stories about the adventures they had on their journey to America and how they fell in love with two sisters in New York, Eileen and Sarah. Irish themselves, they married the MacGregor brothers and eventually moved to make their fortunes in Colorado. Uncle Ian would always end his stories by slapping Father on the back and saying, “We had some rough times but we always had the Almighty on our side, didn’t we, Brother?” Father would hug him back and smile. “Aye, that we did, Brother. That we did.” During those times, Emily knew Father was thinking about his beloved Eileen.

Emily was only twelve when her mother died giving birth to twin boys. It had been a difficult pregnancy for Eileen MacGregor and she had been ill for more than a month before the babies were born. She had labored so long and was so weak that she barely lived long enough to see her baby boys. Doc Ramsey, the town physician, had worked frantically that night and into the next day to save the twins but they were just too small and fragile and they died that next afternoon.

It was a tragic thing no one could understand, least of all Emily. Sadness was a part of the MacGregor household for a long time. Emily and her father clung to each other and their faith in God as they dealt with their grief and sorrow. There remained a deep sadness in Donovan MacGregor for years that even Emily couldn’t take away as he mourned, not only for the only woman he’d ever loved, but for the sons he would never have.

TUNE IN AGAIN FOR THE REST OF CHAPTER ONE…remember, comments are welcomed!


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  1. Carie
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 02:30:53

    I haven’t read Emily’s, version one, but I’m excited to read along through your blog. Great idea! (That “E” is a smart man!) Hailey has read it, so I’ll have to share the blog “revisions” with her. Keep ’em coming! 🙂


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