I’m a wife, a mother and a “grammy” to six beautiful grandchildren – FIVE boys and one precious girl. I own and manage a retail business in Lowell, Arkansas along with my only son, Chris.  I love and support the Mayor of our wonderful city (I’m married to him!).  As you would imagine, living 57 years on this earth, I have had quite a few amazing life experiences. They have helped mold and make me into the woman I am today – good and some, not-so-good.  One of the not-so-good experiences was losing my 3 1/2 year-old grandson when he drowned in the creek behind our home in 2004. To be honest, I didn’t think I would live through that pain but, by God’s perfect grace and mercy, I did and now I try to help others on their own journeys through the grief of losing someone they knew and loved through a program called GriefShare. I also write Christian fiction with THREE books published so far: “Emily’s Three Miracles” , “Gideon’s Cabin”, and “Contessa”. I am currently working on number four, “City Girl”, due for publication next spring.


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